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Quantifying Surface Friction/Wear Properties via Tribology Technique

Static/Dynamic Friction

Wear Rate/Wear Resistance

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Studying Coating Adhesion and Resistance via Scratch Technique



Scratch Hardness

Professional Testing Services

Specialized in Nano/Micro Analysis

Numerous Materials and Applications

Fast Turnaround Time


Measuring Mechanical Properties via Indentation Technique



Vickers Hardness

Stress-Strain & Yield


Investigating Materials Properties at High Temperature up to 500 ˚C

High Temp Indentation

High Temp Scratch

High Temp Friction/Wear

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Exploring More Testing Functions in Our Laboratory

Mechanical Mapping

Tensile Testing

Atomic Force Microscopy

and MORE


Who we are

Enthusiastic about mechanical applications in the nano and micro scale, we founded MechAction, Inc. in Greater Boston, one of the prosperous tech centers in the US, to provide the most professional and quickest testing services via our expertise in nanomechanical analyses. We are also partnering with innovative instrument manufactures to provide the next generation of nanomechanical testing systems.

Mechaction Lab


What we do

MechAction Laboratory provides a wide range of testing services to both academia and industrial communities. The functions include Nanoindentation, Microindentation, Microscratch, Nanoscratch, Friction, Wear, Vickers Hardness, Mechanical Mapping, Yield Stress, AFM imaging, and many other up-to-date material characterization techniques at both ambient and elevated temperatures up to 500 °C.


What can be tested

The applications of our testing services are widely adopted in the fields of Automotive, Consumer Electronics, Oil, Solar, & New Energies, Hard  Coatings, Semiconductors, MicroelectronicsAerospace, Polymers, Pharmaceu tical, and Biomaterials. The tested materials and devices are usually in the formats of thin films, coatings, micro/nano-structures, and bulk scale.

Latest News

MML Xtreme.jpg

Mechaction proudly announce our collaboration with Micro Materials Ltd, a UK-based company and manufacturer who has over 30 years experience and expertise in the nanoindenation community. Mechaction serves as Micro Materials representative and demo lab in the US New England area.

Micro Materials latest system Nanotest Xtreme provides a vacuum environment nanoindenation and scratch testing from -100 to 1000 ºC without oxidation or frosting of samples. It has ultra-low thermal drift due to same construction principles as those used on the proven NanoTest Vantage.

More information can be found on Micro Materials website:

MML NanoTest Xtreme System


Park Systems NX10 

park logo.gif

Mechaction proudly announce our collaboration with Park Systems Corp, a global manufacturer of atomic force microscopes whose revolutionary features include True Non-Contact™ mode, pinpoint mechanical mapping and nanoindenation, and automated software. Mechaction serves as Park Systems representative and demo lab in the US New England area.

Park Systems flagship model NX10 is one of the best AFM systems in the market with unique features. NX10 is not only ideal for non-contact (non-destructive) imaging, but also built for accurate AFM nanoindentation, mechanical mapping, surface friction/adhesion force mapping, and many other advanced modes.  

More information can be found on Park Systems website:


Biss Low Force System

Biss logo.png

Mechaction proudly announce our collaboration with BiSS (Bangalore Integrated System Solutions), an ITW company and sister company of Instron. Biss is a leading manufacturer of servo-controlled mechanical test systems. Mechaction serves as one of Biss representatives and demo labs in the US.

Biss Low Force System (LFS) provides a comprehensive solution for testing materials and engineered products in the 2 kN to 10 kN range. The system is fully automated and ideal for research organizations and industries interested in microelectronics, metals, plastics, resins, elastomers and biomaterials..  

More information can be found on Biss website:

RTEC confocal.png

RTEC Confocal Profilometer


Mechaction proudly announce our collaboration with RTEC-Instruments, a US-based company and manufacturer whose strength lies within developing and manufacturing advanced mechanical and surface testing and measurement solutions for research and industrial applications.

RTEC testers include tribometer, profilometer, scratch tester, high-temperature hardness tester, and corrosion testers. Furthermore, our testers provide the most robust and versatile platform in the market for testing friction, wear, adhesion, hardness, roughness, and film thickness from nano to macro-scale.

More information can be found on RTEC website:

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